Heavy Duty tyre sealant 

DRIVESAFE products are specifically designed for wide range of equipment ranging from small parks and ground care equipment to the larger heavier industrial equipment operating in harsh working environments,  where punctures and other related issues are a regular occurrence resulting in costly equipment downtime. 














What is Drivesafe heavy duty tyre sealant?


Drivesafe is a GEL like consistency which makes our product unique from other products available on the market today.  Being a GEL rather than a fluid, the product adheres to the inner tread section of the tyre more effectively and remains in place,  this is far more effective in the event of sustaining a puncture.  Fluid based products wash about within the tyre and most often wash away from the puncture wound resulting in deflation.
 The product is installed into the wheel via the valve when the wheel starts to rotate the product is evenly distributed across the inner tread section of the tyre where it applies a protective coating.  When a foreign object penetrates the tyre casing and passes through the protective coating the air pressure from within the tyre instantly forces the product into the wound to form an effective flexible seal.   
 The protective coating applied to the inner crown section of the tyre has several benefits,  this helps to maintain correct operating pressures for longer periods of time which eliminates against underinflation and helps to prolong the serviceable tread life of the tyre reducing overall operating costs.
Drivesafe products are not affected by heat build-up within the tyre, Drivesafe products do not dry out or separate in the tyre after a short period of time,  this is a common problem with many inferior products on the market today.
 Our product is suitable for a wide range of application ranging from Parks and Grounds care,  Agricultural,  Construction,  Industrial equipment through to heavy mining & Port material handling equipment.
 Depending on the strength of the construction of the tyre, this will determine the products sealing capabilities. In heavier ply industrial tyres, the product can seal up to 15mm
 Drivesafe products are water-soluble environmentally friendly, non-toxic,  non-hazardous, non-flammable. In the event of the tyre requiring a major repair, the product can be removed with ease and the casing washed out with just water with a repair carried out to industry standards with treated tyres can be removed in the normal way

Drivesafe Heavy Duty PLUS+ for the heavy equipment where added protection is required.

Drivesafe Heavy Duty PLUS+ for the heavier equipment where added protection is required.

Designed for use in heavier ply tyres working in harsh environments where equipment downtime can be costly. Drivesafe heavy duty plus has additional strength and elasticity which can be used either as a pre-puncture treatment or post-puncture treatment as an effective method of tyre repair

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