Commercial Tyre Sealant


Drivesafe heavy-duty PLUS+ tyre sealant designed for use in on & off-road commercial vehicles operating in challenging conditions.

Drivesafe heavy-duty PLUS+ tyre sealant is a gel-like consistency which makes our product more effective and unique from other products available on the market today,  the gel contains special formulated adhesive which gives it the ability to adhere to the inner tread section of the tyre more effectively in comparison to inferior products which effectively slop around inside the tyre and separate.


  • The protective coating remains in place for the life of the casing, this is far more effective in the event of sustaining a puncture compared to the fluid-based products wash about within the tyre and most often wash away from the puncture wound resulting in deflation. 


  • The product is installed into the tyre via the tyre valve, once the product has been installed and the vehicle starts moving the gel starts to distribute itself and within a few miles the product has applied a protective coating on the inner crown section of the casing.


  • This protective coating acts as a guard to prevent natural air migration through the tyre casing which helps to maintain correct tyre operating pressures for longer periods of time helping to reduce surface friction between the tyre and road surface lowering the tyres rolling resistance ensuring maximum serviceable tread life lowering overall tyre expenditure.


  • Tyres operating at the correct pressures, the tread is designed to naturally deflect foreign objects from piercing the casing, foreign objects will penetrate tyres with retained heat as the rubber to more prone to damage and cuts.


  • In the unfortunate event of a foreign object penetrating through the casing and passing through the protective gel air pressure within forces the gel into the puncture wound to give an effective flexible seal from inside.


  •  Effectively it becomes a self-sealing tyre offering extended mobility in the event of a puncture.


  • By sealing the puncture wound instantly, this helps to maintain the correct operating pressure and eliminate additional heat build-up within the casing from surface friction as a result of operating under pressure. A high percentage of roadside breakdowns caused by tyre-related issues are caused by a slow puncture resulting in tyre replacements at the roadside.



  • Excessive heat build-up within the casing is a result of surface friction from operating below correct operating pressure which increases the tyre's rolling resistance this in return increases the surface friction between the tyre and road surface and the amount of drag the tyre has along the road surface which can have an impact on the overall vehicle's fuel consumption.


  • Drivesafe tyre sealant is not a fibre based product, these types of product have very little substance within the solution and effectively slop about within the tyre and tend to separate resulting in the fibres balling together leading to wheel balance problems and poor sealing capabilities.


With the ever-increasing costs of tyres Drivesafe tyre sealant helps to increase retread-ability of the tyre casing by avoiding run-flat damage, and expensive downtime of vehicles with additional, call out charges with subsequent tyre replacements and late delivery of goods and missed loads. 


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